Our second album, “What If?”, was released on December 15, 2009.

Track List

  1. Saw An Angel -  When a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer, she  made a covenant with God:  she asked for more time so that she could bring her children to know Christ like she knew Him. The prognosis was grim, however, God gave her seven more fruitful years.  During that time, she remained a light of hope and an inspiration to all she encountered.  Truly the incarnation of an Angel - one that started here on earth and has now moved to be with him.
  2. Walk Like You – Inspired by the famous poem and picture of footprints in the sand, He does carry us and reminds us to keep the faith and hold strong in the belief of the Resurrection.  Let us live our lives in a manner reflective of Jesus Christ, let us walk like Him.
  3. What If? – In our daily lives, we are often tempted to act out, with disregard for Christian teachings.  What if instead, we did what God asked, what if we followed His guidance. What if the Great Commission became our way of life?
  4. I Am – Three beautiful Biblical encounters with Jesus, the woman at the well, the lady bringing all she had to honor God and another, pouring out her love and perfume in servanthood to Christ. Through it all, Jesus forgave and mentored, because He is the One, and as He said in the Scriptures, I am.
  5. Remember When – to all the moms and those who have filled that role in our lives, we love you!
  6. By My Island Redux – Life is like a great big ocean, danger below and danger above.  And there it is, out of nowhere, a beautiful circle of sand, with a few palm trees.   Jesus Christ, to our rescue. His grace more plentiful than the grains of sand and His mercy more prevalent than the constant southern breeze.  Always there, always beautful, and constantly serving as our spiritual island.
  7. Lyres Lament – Two guitars, lyres by definition, from the Old Testament, played in honor to our Savior and written for a time of reflection and discernment.
  8. Hand Over Hand – A salute to outreach ministries, from Hurricane Katrina, to Cuba, to work in Sierra Leone, Africa. Hand Over Hand combines wonderful rhythms and lyrics to salute the glory of serving others around the world, from our abundance offering His grace.
  9. The Vine – In keeping with the Word, “Remain in me and I’ll remain in you”, The Vine reminds us that we as the fruit cannot exist without Him as the Vine.  We are also encouraged to prune and allow ourselves to be molded in our faith walk.
  10. Lu’s Song – When our friend Lu Day passed away after a long and tireless battle with cancer, this was the original version sung for her funeral.  Different from the rendition earlier in the CD, hear this as a prayer of healing and guidance by her example.  This is a tribute to all, who in times of trial and suffering, always looked to God in prayer and example, mentoring as angels for all of us.


Mark Davies – Bass Guitar
Kevin Havens – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
David Knox – Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Stan McMullen – Drums
Rose Oberlin – Harp, Keys, Vocals
Mike Quinn – Keys
Diane Wilhite – Vocals

Recorded at: Made In The Shade Studios